There are currently 100 billion Bluetooth speakers on the market. OK, fine, it only seems like there are 100 billion, but there are a lot of them. All that competition has certainly inspired innovation, but it has also made finding the best Bluetooth speakers more complicated than ever. The fact is, you simply can’t listen to all of the available options to see which are worthy of your dollars. Luckily for you, we’ve listened to more than our fair share.

Top Chart Of Best Bluetooth Speakers

Product Name User Rating Price Buy On Amazon
Denon Envaya (DSB-250BT) 4.1/5 $$$ Buy On Amazon
UE Wonderboom 4.6/5 $$ Buy On Amazon
Bose SoundLink Mini II 4.3/5 $$$ Buy On Amazon
Bowers And Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless 4.7/5 $$$ Buy On Amazon
JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker 4.4/5 $$ Buy On Amazon
Fugoo Style 4.2/5 $$$ Buy On Amazon
Dali Katch 3.8/5 $$$ Buy On Amazon
Minirig 2 4.1/5 $$$ Buy On Amazon
Bose SoundLink Mini II 4.7/5 $$$ Buy On Amazon
JBL Charge 3 4.5/5 $$ Buy On Amazon

10 Best Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

1) Denon Envaya (DSB-250BT)

A long way from the first of its name, denon’s envaya range began in 2014. the contemporary product to undergo the call – the top-tier denon envaya dsb-250bt – is a part of the second one wave of audio system in the collection.

the envaya dsb-250bt is the biggest of the 3 new fashions and, possibly not coincidentally, it’s also the various satisfactory-sounding wireless audio system you can purchase. among its excellent powers are powerful bass, easy tone and the capacity to fill larger rooms than it has any proper to, all of which make this speaker instead special.

Rate and Availability

Sitting excessive up on the top of the range, the denon envaya dsb-250bt prices $199 (£149, au$229) and is the most high-priced speaker in the modern-day envaya line-up.

it’s joined via the envaya mini ($149, £109, au$ninety eight) and the $ninety nine (£79, around au$a hundred thirty) envaya pocket. make sure to keep away from the older denon envaya dsb-100 and envaya dsb-200 when searching for the sort of speakers – even as both of these speakers are solid, the more recent versions supply even higher sound satisfactory.


Thinking about the denon envaya dsb-250bt is the most important of three siblings, you may have anticipated it to be downright big. however it’s now not. that is nonetheless a small bluetooth speaker that you may p.c. in a cabin bag for a weekend break while not having to leave all of your garments bar a t-blouse at domestic.

In case you’re a numbers person, the envaya dsb-250bt measures in at 209 x 77mm (w x h), making it a truthful bit smaller than its rival, the ue megaboom.

in normal denon style, the envaya appears quite grown-up. in preference to embracing colour and manifestly hard-looking fabrics, it’s all-black other than the silver denon emblem. and the speaker grille uses a fairly soft material that wouldn’t look out on vicinity on the front of a bookshelf speaker.

it’s a slight wonder, then, that the denon envaya dsb-250bt is water resistant. rated to ip67, it can take care of being submerged in water of as much as 1m depth. going for walks it below a faucet, the water simply cascades over the envaya. a very small quantity appears to be absorbed with the aid of the fabric’s soft top layer, however this could evaporate fairly quick.

the denon envaya dsb-250bt’s end caps are rubber-lined, giving them the capability to absorb some impact pressure should you drop it. this speaker would not appearance out of location in a swish living room, however it’s hard sufficient for the outside too.

there’s additionally a reduce-out on its again, letting you connect the speaker to a rucksack with a cord. it’s a function we’ve visible earlier than on the ue roll 2, but it is proper to peer it once more right here.

Feature set

The denon envaya dsb-250bt has a few more functions but one of the most critical things to note is what it lacks: clever speaker status. it doesn’t connect immediately to google assistant or alexa as a google home or echo speaker does.

that said, you can deliver up google or siri by means of long-urgent the bluetooth button at the side. there’s a mic within the speaker that helps you to speak to the assistant, however this is certainly just the identical functionality current wi-fi headphones have.

it is really worth noting that the envaya dsb-250bt’s facet buttons are stiff and have almost 0 click feedback. if there’s a layout weakness right here, it’s these buttons.

that said, but, they do work and also you don’t actually need to apply them apart from to energy the speaker off and on.

the denon envaya dsb-250bt’s battery lasts for thirteen hours at slight quantity, and is recharged the use of a microusb socket at the returned. this port is protected with the aid of a rubberised panel to keep water out.

such battery existence is stable in preference to tremendous, and even as another competitor, the sony srs-xb40, lasts up to 24 hours, the denon sounds higher. you may additionally check the battery degree with a short press at the power button. doing so lights-up a five-led array at the front, to show you kind of how a great deal rate is left.

if wi-fi isn’t always your uniqueness, a three.5mm socket next to the microusb charger additionally lets you plug in non-wi-fi assets

there’s no partner app, no wireless. however, you could link up of those audio system with the aid of urgent their bluetooth buttons for 5 seconds. we haven’t had a risk to strive out a stereo pair, but assume any such blend to sound high-quality.

Overall performance

In the the denon envaya dsb-250bt you may find two 40mm lively drivers and a 53x135mm passive radiator.

this radiator is bigger than maximum in this speaker class, and it allows provide the speaker impressively authoritative bass, digging 10-20hz lower than maximum of its competitors. this makes bass drums and bass guitars sound weightier and more powerful.

it additionally adds to the speaker’s feel of scale, mainly as the low-cease is better controlled and separated than that of something like the bose soundlink mini ii. masses of small audio system supply bass that appears extraordinary for the scale, but a mixture of tiny active drivers and a radiator can depart them with very obvious masses inside the treble and bass, however a incorrect bridge among the 2.

a combination of some mid-range texture and better bass control make the envaya dsb-250bt sound far more cohesive and coherent than many. this is a “small” transportable speaker, but one with the sound pleasant of a speaker for the house.

further, the soundstage is pretty clean and clear, bearing in mind a good deal better stereo imaging than most.

the denon envaya dsb-250bt can also move pretty loud with out the telling “shouty” mids of a speaker having its limits tested. it stuffed our 4x5m take a look at residing room well … an awful lot as we’d nonetheless alternatively have a sonos one as a speaker solely for at-domestic track. this is one of the very high-quality choices you could make in case you want something so one can cowl domestic listening and vacations, even though.


Despite a nearly ideal overall performance, the envaya is not perfect: even as sound quaity is full, effective and rich, it doesn’t have the treble chunk some like. treble element is there, however it’s presented to combo in, not stick out.

the rival riva s additionally has cleanser, extra specific mids. however, considering the riva’s sound is much less powerful and doesn’t preserve up as nicely at excessive volumes, the denon envaya dsb-250bt might still be our pick out for a party.

overall, we experience that the denon envaya dsb-250bt is a exceptional small wireless speaker, and one of the first audio system from 2018 that simply blew us away.

2) UE Wonderboom Review

While a person asks us for a advice for a water-proof speaker, the ue roll 2 was always on the top of our list. we cherished the roll 2’s precise shape component, 50-foot wi-fi variety and, obviously, it sounded accurate, too. where it become lacking became in the bass department.

logitech, ue’s figure employer, has constant the roll 2’s lack of bass by way of developing the correctly named ue wonderboom. this $ninety nine (£79.99, au$129) diminutive speaker is smaller than the roll 2 yet pumps out a lot more bass than its sibling.

furthermore, the ue wonderboom continues to be ipx7-rated this means that you may submerge the speaker as much as a meter of water for up to half-hour. it also conveniently floats, this means that you won’t have to dive in after it ought to it fall into your pool at your next birthday party.

so, now that the bass hassle is a component of the beyond, we will confidently say that logitech and ue have created one of the quality sounding water resistant speakers you may buy, with none caveats or regulations.


The ue wonderboom does away with the saucer-like form component of the ue roll 2 and opts for a stubby soda can form. at the same time as a few might also mourn the passing of the much less-traditional saucer form layout, we suppose ue made the proper pass by way of making the wonderboom smaller for a number of motives.

one of those advantages is that in which the ue roll 2 projected sound upwards and out, the ue wonderboom tasks sound from each side, allowing anybody the equal listening experience irrespective of in which they may be. while many bluetooth speakers put it on the market having 360-degree sound, many sound great at a selected attitude. no longer so with the wonderboom.

since the wonderboom is water-proof, all of its controls are sealed by using a rubberized membrane, that could arise to abuse. on top of the speaker you’ll find buttons for electricity, pairing and playback. the playback manipulate button is genuinely the complete ue emblem on the pinnacle, which left us to start with pressured as there’s no indication the whole top of the speaker is a button.

at the the front of the speaker you’ll locate mesh fabric surrounding the speaker and buttons for controlling extent. the speaker comes in a six special colors to match exceptional tastes. our unit became clad in an austere black on mild gray, although red, crimson and orange are available for colour-loving customers.

Overall performance

The ue wonderboom sounds first-rate and fixes the muddy bass from the ue roll 2. sound is heat, favoring mids and mid-bass. highs sounded excellent as nicely, however were slightly uncontrolled at higher volumes, ensuing in some sibilance.

bass is also right, but now not elegance-leading. bass-heads searching out a water-resistant bluetooth speaker need to look no similarly than the jbl charge 3. that’s not to mention the bass isn’t excellent at the ue wonderboom, although. for casual listening by using (or in) the pool, the ue wonderboom sounds first rate.

n terms of sound, we located the ue wonderboom fared well against the bose soundlink coloration ii and jbl charge three: the fee 3 sounds the best of the group, presenting toe-tapping bass and fantastic sound projection that makes the wonderboom sound confined. the bose soundlink coloration ii sounds slightly better than the wonderboom in relation to vocals, but additionally isn’t absolutely waterproof with best an ipx4 score in comparison to the ue’s ipx7.

battery life is set common, lasting about 10 hours at moderate listening degrees. knock of more than one hours if you’re paying attention to the speaker cranked up. competitors like the aforementioned jbl rate three boast two times the playtime, however it’s also two times as big. compact audio system like the bose soundlink color ii and fugoo cross provide lots shorter battery life, eight hours within the case of the bose and 10 hours for the fugoo, making the wonderboom competitive in this phase.

Very last verdict

In which the ue wonderboom really shines is in its cost. at $99 (£seventy nine.ninety nine, au$129), the wonderboom offers a ton of features and performance for its fee. the speaker sounds extraordinary, is absolutely waterproof, can pair to two devices simultaneously, may be paired to a 2nd speaker, works with siri or google assistant, and has a 100 feet wi-fi variety. adding all of those features up and it’s clean to see that the ue wonderboom is an excellent water-proof speaker.

problematically, but, logitech is presenting both the ue roll 2 and ue wonderboom on the equal fee with out lots of a difference among them.

in our eyes, the ue wonderboom bests the roll 2 in pretty much every way –except for the roll 2’s accessible bungee wire – and the lifestyles of like audio system will probable purpose confusion.

3) Bose SoundLink Mini II Review

The bose soundlink mini ii is tremendously ancient, having been launched in june 2015. enthusiasts of the unique soundlink mini cherished the upgraded functions and audio of the second generation speaker. however how does the soundlink mini ii fare towards greater modern competition?

From the spec sheet, you will be upset to find all the things the bose soundlink mini ii lacks. there’s no nfc for smooth pairing, no multipoint bluetooth for pairing to multiple gadgets concurrently and it’s now not water-resistant.

its battery lifestyles is also rated for a mean 10 hours where audio system like the jbl rate 3 can closing up to 20 hours and expenses your phone in a pinch.

whilst the shortage of capabilities can also flip off a few consumers, it would be a mistake to put in writing off the soundlink mini ii absolutely because it stays one of the fine sounding wi-fi audio system on the market.


The bose soundlink mini ii is built like a tank. the speaker exudes quality the instant you pick out it up with its hefty 1.five lb ( zero.7 kg) weight and aluminum casing. that’s pretty heavy considering the speaker’s small 2 x 7.1 x 2.3 inch (fifty one x one hundred eighty x 58 mm; h x w x d) dimensions.

on pinnacle of the speaker you’ll discover all of the audio system controls along with strength, volume pairing and multi-characteristic button. the multi-function may be used to change tracks or for activating voice assistants like siri. the speaker additionally contains a mic so you can take calls.

on the left aspect of the speaker you’ll discover the microusb charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack for the use of legacy gadgets. last but not least, there are pins at the lowest of the speaker for the usage of the blanketed dock. the dock isn’t important as you could without a doubt plug in a microusb cable to price, however it’s satisfactory so that you can set the speaker down to price in one movement.

general, the bose soundlink mini ii is a handsome looking speaker that exudes quality way to its aluminum case and weight. it’s small enough to without problems place in a bag but assume two times before taking the soundlink mini ii to the seaside because it’s not waterproof.


Ddespite the fact that light on features, the bose soundlink mini ii remains one of the first-class-sounding wi-fi speakers we’ve ever heard. the speaker wowed us by way of punching way above what its diminutive size would propose.

whilst most compact wireless speakers battle to output bass, the soundlink mini ii has it in spades while nonetheless preserving a adorable balanced sound. we have been impressed through the fine and effect of the bass as the speaker played bass heavy songs with authority and without distortion, even at excessive volume.

as compared to the opposition, the bose soundlink mini ii just sounds higher. the jbl charge three may produce more bass, however it’s far much less managed and overwhelms the excessive frequency at instances. the further sized razer leviathan mini sounded wooden in comparison to the bose and failed to retrieve as many micro information.

bose didn’t overlook other parts of the audio spectrum both. highs had been lively and helped made violins and cymbals sound spacious. the soundlink mini ii is one of the few speakers that has the potential to supply a feel of area around instruments where maximum different wireless speakers of this size sound dull.

very last verdict

Wireless speakers have modified rapidly because the bose soundlink mini ii became introduced in 2015. consumers looking forward to nfc pairing, multi speaker pairing, multipoint bluetooth, waterproofing and multi-day battery lifestyles can be dissatisfied by the soundlink mini ii.

however, writing off the soundlink mini ii would be a mistake, as it remains one of the great sounding wireless audio system. this diminutive speaker punches manner above what its length might recommend, generating deep bass, glowing highs and a lush midrange. while most wireless speakers sound ok, the bose soundlink mini ii proves that small audio system don’t need to compromise on sound.

at $199 (£one hundred seventy, au$three hundred), the soundlink mini ii is high priced for what you get. but in case you need one of the exceptional sounding wireless speakers for beneath $two hundred, it’s hard to do better than the bose soundlink mini ii. if you need more capabilities and are willing to alternate off some sound nice, the water-resistant bose soundlink coloration ii is a fantastic desire.

4) Bowers And Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

The legend has back. back in a time when the ipod dock turned into basically a cheap, plastic charging station with the same acoustic power as losing your cellphone into a vending machine cup, the original bowers and wilkins zeppelin arrived bringing hifi fine to a ignored marketplace.

the zeppelin air got here alongside a few years later however now, 8 years on from its first appearance, the brand new zeppelin wireless is right here, rocking the identical airship aesthetic as its forebears but bringing an excellent higher degree of audio excellent to wireless streaming market.

“the vital message is this isn’t a facelift or a mild cosmetic tweak,” bowers and wilkins’ graeme taylor explained to us, “that is a floor-up reinvention of the zeppelin concept.”
there can be some of the equal screws and perhaps a few wires that were used inside the first zeppelins, but apart from that that is all new. it is constructed from the equal studio-great dna as b&w’s flagship 800 series loudspeakers, even the usage of the identical fixed suspension transducer (fst) technology in its mid-variety drivers.

the goal being to basically make the zeppelin invisible from an acoustic standpoint, by way of maintaining the speaker cones in a surroundless suspension. this provides greater manage to the sound through making sure the chassis itself adds not anything to the sound of the driver devices.

on the very edges of the zeppelin wi-fi shell, both facet of the dual 90mm mid-variety drivers are a couple of 25mm tweeters, developing delightfully clear treble.

and that iconic form comes into play right here with the motive force placement. like the 800 series audio system, giving their tweeters confined airspace to paintings with, the enduring elliptical form does the identical for the zeppelin wi-fi’ tweeters too.

it’s now not the exact identical chassis design because the first zeppelins even though. in some places the enclosure is some 50% thicker, but that is all down to an aeronautical engineering analytical tool – called exceptional detail analysis – which become used to measure the vibration of the inner additives.

due to this analysis, and due to the fact b&w concept the original layout a little bass-heavy at instances, the brand new zeppelin wi-fi has had the dual float ports eliminated from the rear of the chassis.

sound satisfactory

Does that suggest the brand new design has weaker bass reaction? no longer a jot.

there’s a big amount of punch and power to the audio coming out of the zeppelin wi-fi, but that beefy bass is fantastically managed, terminating exactly without being left to wobble away out into the world.

and in spite of its beefy bass performance its electricity doesn’t effect on the aural clarity of the mid-variety enjoy. vocals are crisp and clear, and sound herbal without being overly harsh. whilst listening to acoustic tracks you can make out the breath underneath a singer’s voice or the moving arms of a guitarist’s hands throughout the strings and fretboard.

it additionally creates an impressively huge soundstage too, despite its especially diminutive stature. necessarily although, as a single component device, it’s in no way going so that you can create the same degree of stereo as a set of separates.


That clean, detailed audio can come from even a highly low-rent supply like spotify, thanks to its up-sampling thru an audiophile-stage 192khz/24bit digital-to-analog converter (dac).
and fortuitously b&w has spread out the brand new new release of the long-lasting zeppelin to ensure it suits as wide an audience as feasible.

no longer is it restrained to apple’s airplay tech, it is also rocking bluetooth aptx aid in addition to spotify join. and for the analogue group there may be also an aux input on the clean rear of the chassis.
bowers and wilkins has additionally made an effort to ensure the zeppelin wi-fi sounds as excellent at low volumes as high with the aid of dropping a brand new digital signal processor (dsp) into the combination that’s two times as effective as the original layout’s.

and part of this detail at low, in addition to excessive, volumes is the dynamic eq which monitors the audio signal to ensure its effective bass stays fantastically controlled regardless of what level you switch it up to.

5) JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker

There are 1,000,000 bluetooth audio system in the marketplace but jbl has always stood close to the pinnacle. its line of fee audio system are one of the best bluetooth speakers obtainable that’ll allow you to fee your tool while gambling song – for this reason the fee call.

like its competition within the ue boom collection of speakers, the jbl rate three is completely water-proof so that you can use it on the seashore or close to a pool without stressful approximately frying its electronics.

there have been many fanatics of the jbl rate 2 speaker battery existence, build high-quality and sound. it is truely a hard act to comply with, and while there is one or two minor snags, the jbl charge 3 generally improves on its predecessor’s legacy.

[Update: There’s no debating it now, the JBL Charge 3 has made its way onto our list of the best Bluetooth speakers thanks to its impressive battery life, great bass response and wealth of features. Recently, JBL has added the affordable Flip 4 to its lineup, but the Charge 3 is still king at the feature-packed end of the spectrum.]


I will simply pop out and say it: the jbl rate 3 is a large speaker. there is no getting around it. at 213 x 87 x 88.5mm, the speaker will absorb a honest bit of room for your backpack or handbag and at 1.76 pounds, it will weigh you down as nicely.

but, what you get for having this sort of large speaker is 20 hours of battery life and waterproofing.

the waterproofing is the big new characteristic for the fee three, and it’s ipx7 rated, which means that you may submerge the speaker in as much as a meter of water for 30 minutes. however even as it’ll survive a dunk into the pool it’s probably excellent if you don’t leave it there for an extended time period.

At the top of the price three you may locate buttons for electricity, bluetooth pairing, quantity control, play/pause/pass and a completely unique jbl join button. the ultimate button will can help you connect a couple of jbl connect audio system to reinforce sound … augment in the experience that each audio system will play mono versions, now not play in stereo just like the lg musicflow p7 and razer leviathan mini. (editor’s observe: jbl has considering the fact that updated its jbl join music app to assist stereo playback thru speakers.)

the jbl fee 3 functions twin outside passive radiators that provide a visible element to your track playing – you may see the radiators vibrate with bass-heavy tracks.

although exposed radiators are almost the equal of a -meter exhaust port on the loss of life star – a small weakness on an in any other case stable product – they may be sufficiently robust to face up to pokes and feature a rubber guard round them that will let you prop up the price 3 vertically.

performance and capabilities

As i already mentioned, the jbl price three is a large speaker and that physical length interprets to massive sound. these audio system can without a doubt crank and could don’t have any hassle filling a massive room. outdoor, they are able to undertaking sound pretty a ways however they’re quality experienced within approximately 20 toes.

the fee 3 provide some of the inner most and most effective bass i have heard from a transportable bluetooth speaker. the bass reaction works fine on a flat surface that could help resonate a number of the sound, like a tabletop. you can prop the rate 3 vertically but i discovered it negatively impacted sound so it is first-rate kept in its horizontal orientation.

i tried the price 3 with a ramification of genres and got here away inspired with simply how well it handled the entirety i threw at it. the speaker performed loudly with out distortion and i was always impressed with the exceptional and amount of bass provided by using the speaker.

the best unhappiness in the sound is that excessive frequencies, like violins, are not as sparkly and particular as competition just like the bose soundlink mini. i consider the cropped highs are due to the waterproof construction of the speaker, and it’s something that different water resistant competitors conflict with as nicely. nonetheless, maximum listeners might not be upset by the sound and the addition of water-resistant is properly well worth the marginally muted highs.

the price 3 additionally functions a integrated mic so you can use it as a speakerphone for conference calls. basic, my buddies and family determined the mic exceptional clear and many did not recognize i used to be speakme to them through a speaker.

we liked

The jbl price 3 gives notable sound for the rate. the addition of waterproofing makes it a bluetooth speaker you could take just about anywhere … so long as you don’t thoughts lugging its extra weight around. it is also first-class knowing you could use the speaker as a powerbank for your phone to keep the tunes playing.

we disliked

The fee 3 is a massive speaker that’ll weigh down your backpack. it being water-resistant is pleasant, but it in reality comes on the value of impacting excessive-frequency playback. and while its uncovered woofers appearance cool, they may now not continue to exist an extended drop or a run-in with a sharp item poking round on your bag.

very last verdict

The jbl fee three is an development over the previous charge 2 in pretty much each manner. the price 2 may additionally offer clearer highs but the addition of waterproofing makes the minor sound exceptional sacrifice less difficult to swallow. if you don’t care approximately waterproofing and just want the exceptional sound, take a look at out the now-discounted jbl fee 2.

as a package deal, the jbl rate 3 offers a compelling set of features and wonderful sound excellent in addition. they may punch well above their weight, playing loudly and distortion unfastened. jbl fee line of speakers has been on my shortlist of guidelines for a long time and the state-of-the-art new release keeps jbl’s dominance in the transportable bluetooth speaker marketplace.

6) Fugoo Style

Fugoo is the bluetooth speaker market’s pleasant saved secret. you probably haven’t heard of it, but you would be remiss now not to recall this mini, however amazing, speaker as your subsequent.

that is a speaker it truly is hell-bent on surprising you at each turn. first, it receives you with its customizable look, then it hits you with its booming sound pleasant. finally, it delights with battery life that is unrivaled, running for approximately 20 hours at a noisy extent. it’s marketed to run for forty, if you cut the quantity in half of.

the fugoo speaker is priced to compete with the today’s and best bluetooth speakers, starting at $179 (£169, about au$281). but, as you will see, it has a few super hints up its sleeve that supply it the edge.

Speakme approximately the layout of the fugoo speaker calls for speaking first about what is interior of it. on the heart of each fugoo is its middle: a hard, ip67-blanketed center. the robust build is constructed with plastic and accents of rubber, coming together to provide shockproof, water-proof, and dustproof peace of thoughts.

the fugoo’s core won’t appear to be a good deal, but it offers the stable foundation from which its customizable skins construct upon. you may discover a tweeter and passive radiator nestled into its long facets. and on every of its ends, there is a woofer capped by means of a defensive layer it really is embellished with a slick honeycomb impact. all in all, this makes for 6 speakers total within the fugoo bluetooth speaker.

on one facet of the speaker, there’s a microusb port and a three.5mm port, every of which fugoo has supplied the precise cables for. glancing over at its other side, there’s a strength button and bluetooth connect button. preserving the energy button for a few seconds activates an audible queue, in addition to a visual one via its led indicator, that the speaker is, certainly, grew to become on. a vocal prompt will observe up with a caution approximately battery popularity, ought to it’s low enough to warrant a fee.

which jacket fits you?
the core of the fugoo bluetooth speaker performs an instrumental position in offering listeners with an revel in it really is suited to their very own way of life and listening conduct. however, to be honest, it may not win any awards on looks alone. thankfully, fugoo gives some alternatives to make its bluetooth speaker healthy your sense of style: fashion, game, or difficult jackets. every of the options provide a unique look, but vary primarily in how they tip the balance among shape versus characteristic.

fugoo provided techradar with a middle, in conjunction with a fashion and game jacket for evaluation. the style jacket provides any other layer of honeycomb-patterned plastic to the already-durable middle, protected with mesh material and shiny plastic detailing. the game choice gives up the identical slick cloth to cover up the core, however comes stocked with a thicker plastic shell and greater rubber to shield the fugoo in case of a tumble.

installing every of the jackets is a reasonably simple procedure. there are a series of interlocking grooves on the bottom of the fugoo’s core that help every jacket stay cushty. putting the fashion jacket on involves sliding the middle into the jacket till you pay attention a snap, which suggests that it has locked into region. the sport, being the more protecting choice of the two, calls for a piece of disassembly before you can area the middle internal.

the simple package is priced at $179 (£169, au$281) and consists of the center, a fashion jacket to your choice of coloration, as well as a three.5mm cable, a microusb cable and an ac adapter. if you want a couple of jacket, the price to add for your series degrees from $29 (approximately £24, au$65) for the fashion, to $79 (approximately £sixty eight, au$129) for the hard jacket.

the style jacket places the focus on form, however the sport jacket works to feature more characteristic to the fugoo bluetooth speaker. as soon as the sport jacket is prepared, you could attach a bunch of optional add-ons, like a strap mount, to strap the speaker around a tree or pole. it’s also well suited with its motorcycle mount, which secures the speaker in your motorbike handles. these make the fugoo extra flexible, however they’re absolutely optional and do not upload all that an awful lot to the revel in.

Ffugoo might permit listeners at hand-pick out the looks of its speaker to suit their tastes, however fortuitously, the speaker presents stunning overall performance out-of-the-container with a purpose to galvanize throughout the board. whether you in most cases use the speaker inside or out, in inclement climate or on the sunny beachside, you’ll be dealt with to a finely-tuned experience.

connecting to the fugoo bluetooth speaker is easy as may be: just tap and keep the bluetooth button and look for it in your device. helpful voice activates chime in alongside the manner to help this process move even extra easily. usability is a cinch.

you can pause and then resume playback with a press of the circular, center button. in case you want to adjust extent, give one in every of “+” or “-” buttons a faucet. if you pay attention to the bluetooth speaker area, you’re probable aware that the buttons on many products have twin purposes.

you may find that on the fugoo, too. its center button can answer or cling up smartphone calls. you may additionally convey up siri or google now, depending on the kind of tool you’re synced up with, by way of protecting the identical button for some seconds. lastly, changing songs is a breeze, just keep the center button and faucet both the “+” or “-” to pass or opposite tracks, respectively.

The fugoo bluetooth speaker may appear to have come from left subject if your eyes are only set at the big manufacturers. however, its supplying is critical business, especially if your coronary heart is about on killer sound performance, unmatched battery lifestyles and a durable build that is able to continue to exist each a tumble and a swim.

this bluetooth speaker is priced to take at the likes of the ue increase, and gets the threshold thanks to its real 360 diploma sound, reasonable fee and all-round solid performance. hands down, this ought to be your subsequent bluetooth speaker.

7) Dali Katch

Dali Katch

At the same time as the dali katch is surely a costly speaker, this is the bluetooth speaker you ought to be looking at in case you cost sound excellent in particular else.

dali has packed in a few severe speaker tech into a delightful package deal that ensures your track sounds its excellent. you’ll immediately understand where all of your cash has long gone as soon as you start gambling your preferred songs. there’s an outstanding level of volume on offer as well yet it continues its composure and control.

you furthermore may get an impressive 24 hours of battery lifestyles that means the party gained’t forestall all of sudden even as you’re entertaining.


  • Loud, full-bodied sound with lots of bass
  • Terrific detail and composure
  • Slim-yet-solid aluminium cabinet
  • Eye-katching design


  • Plasticky mesh
  • Expensive

8) Minirig 2

Minirig 2

One of the first portable speakers we clearly fell in love with was the original minirig. it was nearly all-speaker, and sounded higher than anything its length. this is the bluetooth version.

Motive force smarts suggest a number of the slightly larger square speakers you’ll see right here will sound an awful lot bassier, but the minirig remains difficult to beat amongst audio system that’ll only fill your palm. it has a 3-inch driver, the sort of length utilized in audio system many times the size. this driver is also exquisite-efficient, helping the minirig provide as much as 50 hours of use between prices.

this discern applies when using a stressed connection instead of bluetooth, however the minirig 2 will nonetheless live longer than just about any rival speaker available while the usage of wi-fi too.

there’s even the option to add a matching minirig sub 2 subwoofer and some other minirig 2 to create a transportable 2.1 gadget. the price ramps up a touch too excessive, though, and doesn’t fit the audio quality of large, further priced speakers inclusive of the beolit 17.


  • Fantastic audio quality despite being mono
  • Class leading battery life averaging over 30 hours
  • Rugged and weathproof design
  • Single mono speaker more powerful than stereo alternatives


  • It is only mono so not as good for video
  • Price is just a little high

9) Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose was once an smooth business enterprise to sneer at, selling nearly bizarrely costly radios advertised in the returned of broadsheets. however, now that its audience has emerge as genuinely mainstream it gives class-main performance with some of its devices.

the bose soundlink mini ii is a outstanding mini speaker, presenting thundering bass for its length matched with coherent, life like mids you just wouldn’t anticipate from a small portable speaker. what this particular version does better than plenty of the competition is in making the sound seem to come back from a far larger source. the drivers are tiny, but they don’t sound it, as the sonics expand way past this little man’s dimensions.

bose doesn’t talk about precisely how it achieves this kind of secret sauce, but it’s in part all the way down to psychoacoustic processing tricking your ears. clever. it additionally comes with a very neat charging dock.


  • Power and refinement from a tiny box
  • Great charge dock


  • No aptX or NFC support
  • Cheaper alternatives are available

10) JBL Charge 3

JBL Charge 3

A battery p.c. with a speaker built in, or a speaker with a battery percent built in? both manner, you can concentrate to tunes and keep your telephone juiced on the same time. the jbl price 3’s 6000mah is double the capacity of a number of the world’s quality phones.

what’s more, you could try this at the pool and not worry approximately killing the speaker, because its ipx7 score method it’ll live to tell the tale a dunking, accidental or in any other case. it may sit down in 1m of water for half-hour.

no matter the form, it’s now not a 360-diploma speaker. sit in front of it and you’ll enjoy a great performance with well-controlled bass and a crisp, taut treble. it’s a well balanced sound, which would possibly lack excitement at low volumes – this speaker is great served loud.


  • Sturdy build
  • Weighty sound
  • Decent waterproofing
  • Doubles as a portable charger


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Mid-range can be hit and miss